Sanitization Services


Sanitization Services

The pandemic is over but has the threat passed?

In the midst of “unlock”, back to the office, and recovering conditions, are you ignoring the basic safety protocols? Don’t!

The truth is that though the media has stopped giving coverage to the COVID-19 cases as they have taken a dip, the threat still exists!

If you are planning to start an offline or hybrid mode of work, you need to be extra cautious! With different people coming from different areas, you can never be sure of what contamination they might be carrying! Choose a COVID disinfection service to make your office safe!

Safety saves – opt for office sanitization services in Gurgaon today! Choose 24x7pestfacilitycare!

The guidelines released by the government to be followed to sanitize public places including offices clearly states that all offices must be sanitized in the evening after everyone has left!

This ensures a fresh contamination-free environment to begin a new day.

There is a downtrend in cases, don’t let your office be the hub of another outbreak!

24x7pestfacilitycare can help you and your team stay safe from the risk of infectious viruses like COVID-19. The best equipment coupled with experienced hands makes 24x7pestfacilitycare one of the best disinfection services in Gurgaon

Here is what all 24x7pestfacilitycare can do to keep you safe and healthy in the times of an outbreak:

  • 24x7pestfacilitycare will install disinfectant mats at entry points of the office to keep the contamination carried with your shoes at bay
  • With touchless hand sanitizers installed all throughout the space, the employees will never carry any infection on their hands
  • 24x7pestfacilitycare will help you install UV light sanitizers to disinfect any package or stuff that comes from the outside
  • At the end of the day, the entire office premises will be disinfected with the help of fumigation or UV disinfection
  • High-touch surfaces like keyboards, door knobs, lift keypads, and desks will be individually sanitizer and disinfected to ensure no contamination

Remember, it is not only you- but all your employees, workers, clients, customers, and all their families who you are responsible for! Act responsibly, contact 24x7pestfacilitycare, and let us disinfect your office space today!



Our sanitization staff stays updated with the latest and most time-efficient techniques to do their job.

We will be available with our sanitization services on your demand because your convenience is our priority.

Before screening and recruiting our pest experts, we ensure that they possess the required skills to do their job efficiently.

We acknowledge that the products that we use to provide our services must not harm our customers in any way and at the same time kills unwanted pathogens; hence, we use organic products.