Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Management Services

Bed bugs are an important issue in India and throughout the world. Because they are easy to spread and tough to treat, the number of bed bug outbreaks is increasing rapidly. The key to overcoming this problem is raising public awareness of ensuring that bed bugs are dealt with instantly once they are identified.

Bedbugs’ Effects:

Human and other mammalian blood is consumed by bed bugs. While bedbugs can transmit disease, this is quite rare in India. Instead, the irritation and anguish produced by bed bug bites are the main worries. Bed bug bites are not painful. The discomfort comes from the itching that occurs as a result of the body’s reaction to them. The irritation is relieved by treating the bites, but it can be alarming when several tastes are familiar with bedbugs. An itchy rash or dermatitis can result from multiple bites.

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Service to getting rid of Bedbugs:

The bedbugs are killed promptly using an oil-based brushing and spraying service. We utilize a Bayer product that gives a long-term solution and eliminates bedbugs.

Procedure for Providing Service:

  • Mattress, sofa-cushion, chair cushion, and other fabric stitches are brushed.
  • Mattress, inside the box bed, the sofa’s backside, curtains, blankets, and other items are sprayed.
  • Rooms will be locked for 30 minutes after the service has been delivered.


  • 45 days – 3 services at 15-day intervals
  • 90 days – 6 services at 15-day intervals

With our help, you can get rid of bed bugs:

Facility Management will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs to eliminate bed bugs from the contaminated room or region promptly and safely. If bed bugs are seen in the treated room or area during the next 30 days, Facility Management will treat the area again for free. The PROTECT+ System, which Facility Management uses, is a united strategy that enables rapid response to bed bug issues in hours. Unlike traditional programs, this is a better, faster method to


    • In 15 days, you’ll be free of bedbugs.
    • We utilize non-toxic chemicals
    • To avoid recurrence, it’s critical to follow the post-service instructions.