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Housekeeping Service in Delhi NCR

Making time to clean our house and workplace from our super-busy schedules is almost next to impossible. But there is no need to worry because 24×7 Facility Care has the solution.

Our housekeeping services include dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning all those dirty places.

We clean everything from your sofas to chairs to fans to switchboards. After cleaning and dusting thoroughly, we ensure that the entire place is sanitized correctly to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

We acknowledge that toilets are one of the most used and unhygienic places in the house or the office. Hence, we have a specialized team to deep clean your toilets with industry-leading procedures and equipment.

If demanded by our clients, we also deep clean sofas and chairs, ensuring that your children, guests, or clients are not harmed or disappointed. In addition, we thoroughly clean the stains from your walls and mop and vacuum your floors to ensure a pristine look to your place.

We recognize that a clean environment improves productivity in the workplace. Hence, we also offer corporate, Commercial housekeeping services to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the staff at your office. These industrial housekeeping service in Delhi NCR include cleaning the toilets and sinks and sanitizing all the frequently used spots like door knobs, taps, faucets, stoppers, light switches, etc.

So, get your house or workplace a clean and pristine look by getting the best housekeeping services in Delhi NCR. To learn more, contact the support team of 24×7 Facility Care.

House Keeping Service Include

  • Corporate Housekeeping Services
  • Industrial Housekeeping Services
  • Commercial Housekeeping Services

We can help you with the following services:

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Our professional housekeeping services staff  in Delhi NCR stays updated with the latest and most time-efficient techniques to do their job.

We will be available with our housekeeping services on your demand because your convenience is our priority.

Before screening and recruiting our cleaners, we ensure that they possess the required skills to do their job efficiently.

We acknowledge that the products that we use to provide our housekeeping services must not harm our customers in any way and at the same time kills unwanted pathogens; hence, we use organic products.