Housekeeping Cleaning Service

Housekeeping Cleaning Service

It’s hard to make time from our busy routine to clean the home or workplace. It’s even harder to do work efficiently and live happily in an untidy space. The optimal solution for this problem is 24×7 Facility Care’s Housekeeping Cleaning Service.

We vacuum all the floors of your rooms, staircases, carpets, furniture, and even the upholstery. To decrease allergens, our workstation cleaning service covers dusting your desk, wardrobes, computer, fan blades, and light fixtures.

Apart from that, being the most prominent piece of furniture in your rooms, it is crucial to keep sofas and chairs neat and clean. We understand that and hence our chair cleaning service and office sofa cleaning service make sure that you sit and your guest or employees sit on pristine and allergen-free chairs and sofas.

Moreover, we scrub bathroom tiles and glass shower doors to clean soap layers and mop the floors. Other than scrubbing and moping, our team also sanitizes frequently used areas like toilets, bathrooms, wash basins, doorknobs, and light switches.

We also empty the trash cans from all your rooms and organize things in your house or workplace according to your preferences.

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Why Choose 24×7 Facility Care?

  • Our team will reach your doorstep on your demanded time and leave you satisfied and delighted in your space.
  • Our housekeeping team members are thoroughly trained to keep things clean and be flexible to the needs of our customers.
  • Feel free to connect with us for more details.