Parking lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance Services

We at 24×7 Facility Care, understand that a parking lot can last for a long period, only if it is maintained properly regularly. Apart from that, if the parking lot is full of dust and dirt, it could spoil the look of your expensive cars. Hence, at 24×7 Facility Care we provide a parking lot sweeping service, to your parking lot as clean as your living room.

The sweepers who provide parking lot cleaning services are experienced at their jobs and they can help keep your space free from trash and debris.

You can even count on us for strenuous jobs like pothole refilling and crack sealing as well as simple tasks like removing dangerous debris and trash from the parking lot.

We also help with parking lot striping to ensure the vehicles are properly parked and there are fewer chances of damage and accidents in the parking lots. Our striping team ensures to prevent door dings and improves parking and the safety of vehicles. 24×7 Facility Care’s parking lot service team has industry-leading equipment to provide exclusive cleaning services for both outdoor and indoor parking lots.

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Why Choose 24×7 Facility Care?

  • We are the quickest, as our team can report very quickly once you demand.
  • We also provide scheduled services wherein we clean the parking lot at times when there are few or no vehicles.
  • All the equipment that we use is industry-leading to provide quality service.
  • Our cleaners are trained professionals who are experienced at their jobs.
  • Their screening is done by the authorities of 24×7 Facility Care before employing them.