Fixture Fitting Cleaning

Fixture and Fitting Cleaning Service

It is extremely important to keep it clean. An unclean and dusty interior not only gives a bad impression to the guests but also harms your immune system. Hence, 24×7 Faculty Care offers a Deep Interior Cleaning Service to clean all the fixtures and fittings of the interior of your house.

Our special interior fixture cleaning service includes cleaning the cupboards, built-in wardrobes, kitchen units, electric sockets, doorbells, etc. Our staff dust, sanitize all the interiors, and even washes if required.

Chandeliers are very delicate to deal with. We recognize that and prioritize safety and ensure it looks pristine and sparkling. If not cleaned regularly, blinds become the breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria, germs, and other nasty allergens, which can be dangerous for health. To deal with this issue, we also provide a blind cleaning service, in which we dust, wash and sanitize the blinds to ensure your safety and make the blinds look clean and clear.

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Curtains decide the charm of an entire room. If they are dirty, everything looks quite unappealing. Hence, we came up with curtain cleaning services to ensure that your curtains look as fresh as new. Our cleaners ensure that all the dust, dirt, and stains are removed from the curtains, giving your room a pristine look.

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Our fixture and fitting services include:

  • Deep Interior Cleaning
  • Interior Fixture Cleaning Service
  • Chandelier cleaning service
  • Light Fixture Cleaning Services
  • Blind cleaning service
  • Curtain cleaning services