Floor Cleaning Service

Floor & Staircase Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Whether it’s a hotel or a residence, the floor is the most exploited part of every place. Hence, it gets quickly gets dirty and spoils the entire look of the place. It is essential to keep the floor clean to maintain the honor of your house or hotel. The floor cleaning service provided by 24×7 Facility Care utilizes industry-leading products to ensure cleanliness to make your place look its best.

We, at 24×7 Facility Care also use deep-cleaning techniques to kill bacteria and germs along with spreading superb fragrance. Hence, you can preserve your and other people’s well-being by using 24×7 Facility Care’s floor cleaning services.

Whether your floor needs cleaning the dirt or scrubbing, count on 24×7 Facility Care’s floor cleaning service. We prefer not to disturb our customers, so we’ll discuss our schedule in advance to ensure your privacy.

Staircase Maintenance

One of the most ignored areas of hotels is the staircase. Besides, staircases are more time-consuming and laborious to clean. Hence, 24×7 Facility Care also provides extensive staircase cleaning services to ensure a tidy look on your staircases.


Why Choose 24×7 Facility Care?

  • Our staircase cleaning service team has got a lot more than common stair cleaning.
  • Our staircase cleaning team deep cleans every inch of the staircase to leave it with a pristine look at an affordable rate.
  • Staircase cleaning service also includes resealing and scrubbing the stairwells.

We offer this service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as per your demand and pre-decided timings so that your customers don’t get disturbed.