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If you are looking for optimal manpower, a logistics recruitment agency is what you need. 24×7 Faculty Care provides the best logistics recruitment consultants which will not disappoint you. Even though you will find multiple logistics recruitment consultants in the market 24×7 Faculty Care provides unparalleled quality service. We recognize the fact that when a product is transported from one place to another it needs some models based on which it can be shipped. To cater to this need we ensure to provide you with the best general labor services and confirm that your product is transported in a safe and secured way.

We understand that integrity is the most prominent thing that logistics recruitment consultants have to possess and we prioritize that. From transport scheduler to warehouse manager, we cater to everything that you are looking for in general labor staffing.
We assure you to provide extraordinary customer service at affordable prices. Our logistics recruitment consultants have a huge and remarkable track record of executing successful assignments for multiple clients

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Before recruiting our workers we carefully understand your technical requirements and based on that we shortlist the best options for you. Another specialty that we have is that we offer flexible service to our clients wherein we provide permanent as well as temporary general labor services. We, at 24×7 Faculty Care strongly believe in innovation and so, we make sure that we train and educate our staff with industry-leading procedures.

So if you are looking for logistics recruitment consultants, don’t hesitate to contact 24×7 Faculty Care’s customer support now.