Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Management Services

Termite damage is costly and is sometimes covered by the property owner’s insurance. Because they live behind walls and furniture, many mortgage holders don’t notice intrusions until they’re well-established. Developing states require constant encouragement and can cause harm each day they go unnoticed. Termite control before construction is therefore highly recommended when building a home or other structure.

The use of termite-safe wood is a popular pre-construction termite treatment. As a rule, termite-resistant woods are made from resinous materials, and some other types of wood are artificially infused with termiticide to prevent termites. Termite-resistant wood has proven to be remarkably effective in protecting new homes from invasion for some time.

Boundaries around or under a home’s construction may also be viable. As a result, engineered pieces that have been synthetically treated, protection or soil are used. It is also possible to inject pre-construction medicines into the dirt during home construction. Before building sections are poured, they are connected to the soil. While these obstructions aren’t foolproof, they can help prevent termite invasions.

Termite Control Services in North Delhi

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To protect your home or building from termite damage, we can perform pre construction anti-termite treatment. This is when the treatment is at its most effective. There are difficulties in completing treatment after a building has been completed and the tiles have been installed. The treatment begins half a metre below the ground level and continues to the surface. There’s no need to treat anything below this level.

Land and building costs are far more expensive. Whatever the case, it will be a critical additional selling point for your space. Facility Management’s Pre-Construction Anti Termite Management Services implies that you continue to provide service to your clients even after you’ve transferred ownership.

Features of our service:

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • The chemicals used are adequately tested and proven;
  • The area determines the cost covered and the chemicals used;
  • High moisture areas are given special attention, and
  • Work is performed without causing any mess or disruption.


The effectiveness and speed of our post-construction anti-termite treatment services make them highly sought after in the market.

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