Sofa Cleaning Service

Sofa Washing and Cleaning Service

Sofas are used daily. Due to that reason, they gather foul smell with time and can leave a very unsophisticated impression on your guests. Besides the stains, sweat, and dirt accumulated on the sofa becomes a breeding arena for many germs, which can make you sick. Hence, cleaning the sofas is crucial. 24×7 Faculty Care’s Sofa Deep Cleaning Services has the potential to solve all these problems.

We understand that maintaining the longevity of your pride, health and your sofa is important. That’s why our sofa cleaning service will leave you with spotless, dust-free, new-looking sofas.

Cleaning is not enough; sofas also need to be sanitized well.  Our sofa sanitization service will do that for you, and ensure that they become free of those uninvited germs and bacteria. We also offer sofa drying cleaning and couch cleaning service for those who desire to gift rebirth to their sofas.

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Cushions are often ignored by other cleaning service providers, but not by us. Our service is inclusive of cushion dry cleaning, to make them shine and give them a new look. We handle everything, from shampoo to dry cleaning, leaving no room for trouble on the shoulders of our clients.

Safety is one of our top priorities. Hence, our cleaners ensure that your sofas are cleaned in such a way that no damage shall occur. 24×7 Faculty Care’s sofa cleaners receive thorough training under the supervision of experienced seniors to ensure optimal quality and safety.

So, if you want to get your sofas cleaned, contact 24×7 Faculty Care.

Our sofa cleaning services include:

  • Sofa Sanitization service
  • Sofa Dry Cleaning
  • Couch cleaning service,
  • Sofa Shampooing Services
  • Leather sofa cleaning services
  • Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services
  • Settee Dry Cleaning
  • Cushion dry cleaning